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8 Travel Quotes that will inspire you to Travel Better

Some articulate people manage to sum up in a few short words all that travel is about. These quotes resonate because we are able to apply their words to our experience or our hopes.

Sometimes they can make us pause and think, to look at situations from a different angle and even consider what our travel experience could be.

I've never much liked the travel quote about only taking photographs and leaving only footprints. Sure, that quote works in the context of heading out into the environment and not destroying everything. But I've always thought we travel for more than stealthily passing through snapping photos.

We travel to make memories, make connections - things far less packable but more enduring. And hopefully, we can leave a positive contribution, in the same way the environment or community has left an imprint on us.

I hope these quotes inspire you to think more deeply about travel than footprints and photographs.





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