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I'm a digital media producer and communications advisor creating content and strategy for media, marketing and development around the globe.


With an absolute passion for travel, I focus on telling inspiring and insightful stories of culture, conservation and discovery.


I work with media outlets, tourism operators, conservation groups and development organisations to create content, strategy and policy. 

Do you have a story, event or campaign you think I might be interested in? I would love to hear from you.

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My Story

Explorer, Media Maker, Social Commentator

If life is a journey, my path has pretty much always been one of media for travel, culture and change. Whether its been making news and programs; developing and communicating policy and campaign information; or advising on media regulation, law and's certainly been a diverse road! 

Creating Content: As a digital producer I'm skilled in Visual Storytelling, Copywriting, Content Strategy and Social Media Marketing. I have worked with broadcasters, NGOs, tourism operators and local creatives in different parts of the world creating content and advising on media & campaign strategies to expand their audience reach, raise awareness and increase engagement. 


Policy & Communications: But I'm also more than a content maker! My qualifications in law and media have lead me to in a career as media production and policy advisor.  While I've worked on a range of development, conservation and social justice campaigns and issues, I have particular experience in developing and communicating policy and information campaigns related to risk, recovery and resilience.


Media Development: Above all, I'm a huge supporter of the role of media in society. It's why I create content and why I love working with others to develop their media skills, comms strategies and BTS process. I've worked with broadcasters, newsrooms, production houses and communications teams to produce new programs and concepts, transition to new platforms, open new offices and develop commissioning and distritution channels. I've also worked with media teams and creatives to develop capacity in locally produced content and support staff in managing legal, regulatory and operational risks.

Currently Based: Oceania / Pacific

I am currently based back in the sunbaked and saltwashed Oceania / Pacific region where I grew up.


I'm intrigued by the uniqueness of island life and culture and I'm eager to promote events, business, tourism media and development in our Pacific Region. I love connecting folk with our unique culture and experiences, inspiring them out into our amazing natural surroundings and promoting our changemakers and local heroes.

When I'm not working, you'll probably find me on an island somewhere...

Let's Chat

Do you like my work and want to use my stories or images? Would you like me to create content specific for your own website, social platforms or publications. Or do you want to talk to me about other media services I offer?


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's Connect.

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