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Simply Snowdonia

Llyn Ogwen

In 1951, Snowdonia was declared a national park. Covering over 2000km2, including 60km of coastline, it's an important wildlife habitat area.

However, the national park also continues to be shared with humans. Some 20,000 people live within the park area and it is still used for agricultural purposes. People working this seemingly remote land goes back centuries. Many of the mountains above and below the ground were an important resource for slate during the 18th and 19th century. Before that, it's believed, iron, copper and stone were mined and quarried during the neolithic and bronze ages.

Llyn Ogwen Valley lies between the mountain ranges of Carneddau and Glyderau in Snowdonia. The lake sits at 310m above sea level and covers an area of almost 32 hectares, yet is only 3 metres deep.

According to legend, it is into Llyn Ogwen that Bedivere (Bedwyr) cast King Arthur's sword Excalibur where it was caught by the Lady of the Lake.


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