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An Island Somewhere: Nacula

At the far end of the Yasawa island chain is a small island with a big heart.

The island of Nacula sits at the furthest end of the Yasawas, 4 and a half hours by boat from Nadi.

The island is 10km long and 3km across with a thickly forested ridge running it's length and towering 250m above the sea. It is one of several inhabited islands of the 20 volcanic protrusions that make up the Yasawa island chain. Despite being one of the largest islands in the Yasawas, Nacula has a population of only 600.

Life here is laid back and moves with the motion of the sea. Clear aqua blue water laps onto soft white sand and coral reefs are within easy reach of the shore. Men paddle their boats over the gentle waves drawing fish up on hand lines. Children's laughter fills the air as they file out of school to take their boats home for the weekend. In the shadow of the church is a small market, laid out on blankets on the ground. Washing flutters from clothes lines strung between coconut trees. And amongst the colourfully painted village houses, the Chief's home takes pride of place.


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