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There's a whole world out there...  


Travel is about exploring. It's about meeting the locals, the adventurers, the changemakers; taking inspired journeys to awesome destinations. It's for learning about cultures, communities, languages and landscapes. And making connections we'll never forget. 


It's about getting lost...and finding ourselves...Let's be explorers. 



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Take a visual road trip across northern Laos from the cultural capital of Luang Prabang, trek through misty blue mountains villages to the festive city of Vientiane.

NAPIER In 1931 the New Zealand coastal town of Napier was devastated by an earthquake.

The rebuild reflected 

the architectural style of the era and resulted in the city centre being almost entirely built in Art Nouveau style. There are 147 Art Deco buildings in this small town making it a vintage-lovers destination. Take a look at the gallery.    OPEN 


LAOS is one of the lesser visited countries in South East Asia and even fewer people venture OTBT into its misty blue hills and limestone landscapes. From the old-world charm of the UNESCO heritage listed town of Luang Prabang to the tranquil mountainous countryside Laos will welcome and surprise you.   READ MORE 

Royal Ballet
Wat Xien Thong
Mountains in Laos

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